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our mission


Sustain our mission by contributing to our next project. Your contribution plays an important role in our outreach. 


Our volunteers make this mission possible. Join us in uplifting the community through arts and culture. 


We provide courses to promote personal and artistic development.  Enroll in one of our online courses today.

Adopt a wall

Let’s work together in transforming communities to reflect our history.

Solel International revives communities through arts and culture. We are here to advocate for projects you want to see come to life.

Adopt A Wall

Our Adopt A Wall initiative focuses on raising funds to paint augmented reality murals that reflect the commuity. We reach out to business owners and community organizations to faciltate the initiate. We help organize the project by ordering lifts, supplies, hosting educational sessions and informative meetings with community stakeholders, and reaching out to community leaders to raise awareness.

Civic Arts Services: Governmental, Community, Private

We bring multicultural festivals and events to the community.

Solel International is Harris County certified to employ artists within schools, churches, mosques, and community centers. We also partner with CASE for kids to provide quality art programs for children.  

We provide entrepreneurship programs to help educate and coach individuals.


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