It’s a Family Affair: Her Highness Shaikha Abeer Al Khalifa captured America’s heart by bringing an ancient people to light through fashion

SOLEL INTERNATIONAL SEPTEMBER 18, 2019 HOUSTON, TX, September 18, 2019 /Solel International hosted the first cultural renaissance in 106 years that highlights the Moorish American community. The “Moro Americana” event was filled with cultural performances, food

Light and the truth | Robert Benjamin Lewis

Robert Benjamin Lewis (1802 – February 1858) was of both African Descent and from the Indigenous American Mohegan tribe author, best known for writing Light and Truth published in 1836. He also was an entrepreneur, successfully

Mustafa Zemmouri | Stephen the Moor

Estevanico (c. 1500-1539) was one of the first native Africans to reach the present-day continental United States. He is known by many different names, but is commonly known as Esteban de Dorantes, Estebanico and Esteban the

Searching for the African Romance Language


Houston First Augmented Reality Mural in Independence Heights, TX . Mural by Solel International We at Solel International are proud to have been chosen by several communities to visually tell their stories though visual and multimedia

Moorish Americans of Texas

Courtesy of the Moorish Science Temple of America – Temple 7 in Houston, Texas In May of 2015 AD, The nationality and contributions of the Moorish Americans were recognized by the Senate of the State of