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Moro Americana

The Festival of Moorish Americans
It’s a Family Affair: Her Highness Shaikha Abeer Al Khalifa captured America’s heart by bringing an ancient people to light through fashion.
Houston, Texas | September 18, 2019

HOUSTON, TX, September 18, 2019 /Solel International hosted the first cultural renaissance in 106 years that highlights the Moorish American community. “The Moro Americana” event was filled with cultural performances, food and rich history.

During the festival, the journey of Moorish Americans was captured in many different genres. Hosting and Virtual Hosting by International Recording Artist Richmond “Hotline” Shaw and Radio Personality, Nafeesah Muhammad, Interpretative dance by Vockah Redu, Moorish-American music from Eclipse the Earthstar, Ruben Moreno, acting and playwrighting from founder and American Celebrity, Charnele Brown’s Triwen Productions, photography from Han$o and Getty Images, Video from GM Media Solutions, Augmented reality programs from the app company Uncover Everything, Moorish American jewelry, crafts, and visual art by Michel FG , Genesis and Kyle “Shakur” Crockett and many others.

Solel International partnered with Houston’s Revalushion Management Agency to integrate a fashion show, showcasing designs from special guest Her Highness Shaikha Abeer Al Khalifa, Audyssy, Hamza Fashions and Tiombe Stafford’s Bombie Stylez Hair Consulting. Her Highness Shaikha Abeer Al Khalifa in conversation with Moorish American international artist & performer, Eclipse the Earthstar stated that “It is important that people should never forget their past and their connectivity with their future.” She continued to say, “Arts and culture is the life blood of our continued story”. This comment brought a smile Eclipse the Earthstar to heart.

This conversation resonated with many people in the audience. Moorish Americans in Houston, Texas felt for many years that they were not understood until the day they met Her Highness Shaikha Abeer Al Khalifa. Solel International is also the first American company Her Highness Shaikha Abeer Al Khalifa has partnered with, making the Moro Americana Festival even more historic.

“The fact that she chose to recognize our kinship through fashion, arts and culture touched the Moorish American community here in Houston,Texas. Peace and love forever to our sister from the east and her entire family” Sis. Joycelyn Durden El, of the Moorish Science Temple of America #7 of Houston, Texas.

Solel International’s Treasurer William Allen Johnson El and member of Fathers R Us, said “ Her Highness Shaikha Abeer Al Khalifa helped us to attract so many people from all over so they may know us, our story. From State, City, Science and Embassy Officials. This is truly a historic Day for Moorish Americans and all people. She donated her fashions for the sake of unity.

“She is such an awesome person. When someone reaches into your heart, you don’t feel like you’re forgotten. She took the time to get to know sisters and brothers in the west. She has in fact, captured our hearts here in America. We wish more people had a heart like her.” exclaimed singer Eclipse the Earthstar.

HOUSTON, TEXAS – JULY 20: Models provided by Revalushion Management Agency for Solel International’s Annual Fete Moro Americana featuring Fashion Art Printwork by Her Highness Shaikha Abeer Al Khalifa at Houston Urban League on July 20, 2019 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images for Revalushion Management Agency

What was the Journey of Moorish-Americans?

Moorish American ancestors were the Moabites from the land of Canaan. A colony of the seat of the Egyptian empire of Africa. At time they spoke Afro-Asiatic dialects. They were later called Mauri/ Moghrebins, i.e., “Westerners,” or “men of the West, because under the permission of the great Pharaohs, they traveled west to create kingdoms in west and northwestern Africa. Later we were established as Moorish as reference to their ancient blood lines. Their reign was evident in the 1st millennium all the way to its halt 1492. When the last stronghold fell in Spain (formally Andalusia), this gave rise to the Spanish inquisition and its maltreatment of Moorish people and their associates worldwide especially in the Americas. The Spanish inquisition set out to destroy the influence the Moorish had all over the world by hurting, killing and religiously converting Moors and their associates outside of the African continent by catholic edicts and inside the continent taking ships and sending slaves to South America and the islands in North America from the ancient kingdoms of Africa set up by the ancient descendants of Ruth, Boaz, Solomon, and the list goes on.

The Erasure

For centuries these actions create almost a complete erasure of identity from the worlds once infamous Moorish children. European powers forced these people from acknowledging their place in the world telling notaries to never record them as Moors, Jew or the like but to record them as an adjective, something out of the family of nations. Colors instead of family namesakes. This influence of the Spanish inquisition even made it to the culture of the founding America in the 1700’s.

These adjectives that are not in the family of nations or bloodline and still can be seen today are the labels Negros, American Indian, Black, Colored, Indian Morian, and later African American, Creole and even Afro-Latino. During the time of American slavery between 1779 and 1865 the stories of Moorish People were suppressed and the few that knew their identity were often threatened or killed. Either the children of these Moorish families orally shared their history with extreme caution or were often forcefully converted and re-educated during this time almost erasing any idea of their glorious past. Until the advent of Noble Drew Ali in 1913, Stood on the street and boldly revealed and introduced to the people under the laws of Sur Juris and Jus Soli, there nationality as Moorish, the free national name “American “and ancient Creed called Islam and the way of life affectionately named Islamism. They are descendants of Ancient Moroccans born in America. Their nationality was then re-established in 1920’s as Moorish Americans.

Famous Words of Noble Drew Ali

“According to all true and divine records of the human race there is no negro, black, or colored race attached to the human family, because all the inhabitants of Africa were and are of the human race, descendants of the ancient Canaanite nation from the holy land of Canaan. What your ancient forefathers were, you are today without doubt or contradiction. There is no one who is able to change man from the descendant nature of his forefathers; unless his power extends beyond the great universal Creator Allah Himself.”

Noble Drew Ali (center) in the 1920’s.
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