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Light and the truth | Robert Benjamin Lewis

Robert Benjamin Lewis (1802 – February 1858) was of both African Descent and from the Indigenous American Mohegan tribe author, best known for writing Light and Truth published in 1836. He also was an entrepreneur, successfully marketing hair oil and other commodities, and also held three United States patents. In his book he has written about the existence of the Moors. Download Below Light and Truth .

Mustafa Zemmouri | Stephen the Moor

Estevanico (c. 1500-1539) was one of the first native Africans to reach the present-day continental United States. He is known by many different names, but is commonly known as Esteban de Dorantes, Estebanico and Esteban the Moor or Mustafa Zemmouri. Enslaved as a youth by the Portuguese, he was sold to a Spanish nobleman and taken in 1527 on the Spanish Narváez expedition to establish a colony in Florida. He was one of four survivors among 300 men who explored


The complexion of the Carolina Indians is Black, Not much different from that of the Ethiopians. Their hair is Black and thick, and not very long, tied back behind the head like a small tail. As for the physique of these men, they are well proportioned, of medium height, a little taller than we are. They have broad chests, strong arms, and the legs and other parts of the body well composed. They’re broad in the face and have big

World Culture Section

Monolithic means “characterized by massiveness and rigidity and total uniformity.” Over time due to the startling effects of colonialism all over the world, our timeline is dedicated to world culture and the Autochthonous People that birth them. Often, people can look the same but there is always the possibility that their story may be different. Use the World Culture Section to explore some things in history worth seeking.

Moors of Africa and the Americans

Reported by : The origin of America’s native populations has long been a subject of debate. The theory that the indigenous natives of America were only the result of Asians crossing the Bering Strait is no more substantial than the idea that America was populated by Moors having traveled across the Atlantic and settling in the Americas. Actually, the latter theory was the opinion of most scholars before the abolition of slavery. Others believe that America is an old

Before He Was President: Abraham Lincoln And The Man Who Refused To Be Called ‘Negro’

1855 A.D. Story by: Ava Gabrielle, Contributor Family feuds can get ugly. For as long as people have been getting married and starting families, they have been feuding. Today, it is more common for family members to turn to the courts to settle their differences, but it has been happening throughout history. More than 2,000 years ago, Paul the Apostle admonished new followers of the Messiah in the church at Corinth to refrain from taking their brethren in the faith

To Sidi Mohammed New York, 1 December 1789

From George Washington to Sidi Mohammed, 1 December 1789 Since the Date of the Letter, which the late Congress, by their President, addressed to your Imperial Majesty, the United States of America have thought proper to change their Government, and to institute a new one, agreeable to the Constitution, of which I have the Honor of, herewith, enclosing a Copy. The Time necessarily employed in this arduous Task, and the Derangements occasioned by so great, though peaceable a Revolution, will

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