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January 17, 2022

Farooq Alshaikh, Bahrain’s Answer to Live Music

Farooq Sulaiman Al-Shaikh Date of birth : 28-01-1980 Nationality: Bahraini Certified musician (ABRSM level 5 practical, level 3 Theory) Languages spoken: English, Arabic, Spanish, Urdu Styles : Arabic music, Jazz, Soul, Latin, Balads, Hindi, Fusion) Sings in French (one song), Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, English, Russian (one song) Band Memberships Latin Jazz Ensemble and The Kings (1997-2004) which included famous producer and keyboardist Hisham Al-Sakran. Arabic Band Collaboration in 2003 with Abdullah Taqi and composed the song ما آصدق (which means


Reported by Tre Magazine Williamsburg Enterprises a Major Commercial Real Estate Company had its honorary ribbon cutting commemorating, yet another historic mural created by Solel International nonprofit organization. The Mural included people from within the OST South Union area that performed good works for the community. The joint effort from the OST/South Union CDC, Williamsburg Enterprises and Solel International organization have sparked the flame of community revival through art, culture, and technology. Partrons will be able to try the augmented

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